Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Greenygrey Rambles now Published

The ebook of this blog is now available by clicking on the BUY NOW button at www.greenygrey.co.uk/blog

It's been edited into chronological order, with chapters, photos and professional formatting to make it look as pretty as a greenygrey!

It also has analysis from Dr. Marc Latham to explain the acronyms and make them more memorable, so that you should know the North American regions better than when you started. Hopefully you'll be able to remember them all, but I can't promise you will!

There's over 70 pages, just under 20,000 words, and it's 90p (about $1-50) to download. You'll need an Adobe Reader, which is free to download from the Adobe site, and a paypal account, which is also free to set up.

So I hope you'll think it's a good deal, and thoroughly enjoy virtually travelling with GG.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stop Press: Greenygrey agrees publishing deal

*Stop Press* *News Flash* Greenygrey agrees to publish blog with www.greenygrey.co.uk

Yes, exciting news as the Greenygrey nears the end of its journey. Following lengthy and complicated discussions it has agreed to publish the journey blogs you've come to love over the year with the greenygrey website, and has brought in renowned self-proclaimed genius and freelance writer, Dr. Marc Latham, to edit the book.

The greenygrey said he was delighted at the outcome from the negotiations, and now just wanted to get on with finishing off its epic journey without any more distractions: 'Yeh, it's not my cup of tea really, and some of the time it got a bit gruelling. I'm definitely ready for the open roads and some nature now, and can't wait to get in some shapeshifting and time travel too if possible. I think Dr. Marc Latham is the man for the job, and I have every confidence in his ability.'

Dr. Marc Latham proclaimed it a dream job, and one he's been waiting all his career for: 'It's the break I've been waiting for, to edit the book of such a virtual travelling legend is what I've been breaking my back for over the years. For me, it's the big one, and I just hope I can do the project justice.'

We shall have to wait and see how it pans out. Watch this space.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dale Aware in Delaware

PMD 3: Delaware

As I crossed into Delaware I still felt merry from my travel through Maryland; this was added to by the fact that I'd reached my last state: the final stop on my epic North American journey. Ironically, my last US state, Delaware, is often referred to as the First State, as it was the first to ratify the constitution.

After heading across the north of Delaware I met a couple of strange looking creatures at the Brandywine River, and they introduced themselves as Frodo and Sam. They said they were hobbits, and funnily enough they were also finishing an epic journey, although theirs sounded even more exciting than mine, and much more dangerous. We walked down to the dales together, and the glowing lime green colours reminded me of somewhere else from my past; somewhere buried deep in my mind. I became dale aware in Delaware.

After bidding the hobbits farewell at the shire, I made my way down to Dover, which also gave me a feeling of deja-vu, and my past seemed to be reawakening; it wasn't that I'd been there before, it was the name.

From there I travelled to Milford, which had a nice sound, before ending my trek through Delaware at Cape Henlopen. A Fighting Blue Hen greeted me there, and said that normally it challenges visitors to a brawl, but it had decided to greet me in peace. I said thanks, and being a veggie werewolf I won't eat you. This reciprocation of goodwill seemed to go down well, and we got on like a henhouse on fire after that.

As we had a few glasses of speckled hen I reminisced about my epic journey; all the creatures I'd met, adventures had, tasty acronyms and beautiful views experienced. And now I seemed to be becoming aware of my past more than ever before. Would more travelling lead to further revelations? How many more roads must I travel? Only time will tell, and for now I sat back and enjoyed the feeling of journey's end, as the last rays of sunlight fell over the Delaware Bay.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Merry land in Maryland

PMD2= Maryland

I woke up in the morning with Lake Erie not feeling so eerie in the daylight. However, I found myself on the wrong side of the state for my next destination: Maryland. So I quickly shape-shifted into an eagle and flew over the state and border, before landing in Hagerstown, in the north-west of Maryland. I was met by a merry viking called Hager the Honourable, and he provided me with a tasty veggie brekkie. We supped some ale with the chow, and it became a merry occasion.

After thanking Hager and bidding him farewell I swam down the Potomac River, which was full of fish swimming merrily-on-high. I got down to Rockville by lunch-time, and was just in time for a great concert featuring Guns n' Roses, Blondie, Aerosmith, Tina Turner, the Rolling Stones and the Runaways, so I was soon rocking merrily away.

Then I headed over to Bowie, where I met a Spider from Mars called Ziggy. I asked him why Maryland was such a merry land, and he said it did help that it was the richest state in the US. His Beatle mate said but money don't buy you love.

Then I sprang over to Silver Spring, where my grey side felt at home, before heading up to Baltimore. I had a variety of Indian dishes in a nice restaurant there, and when the merry waiter asked if I would like anything else, I just had to say more Balti please. More balti in Baltimore! What a wit I can be at times!!

Then I went down to Annapolis, where I received a police escort from a merry officer called Anna to the Chesapeake Bay. She was willing to take me over the bridge, but I fancied a swim, and with the Chesapeake such a famous landmark, I thought it fitting to get in the drink, and give my greenygrey fur a bit of a wash.

I enjoyed it so much I swam right out of the bay, and up the ocean to Ocean City, where I rested up for the night. I felt so merry!

Thanks for joining me in Maryland, and please return for the conclusion of my epic North American next week in Delaware (virtually rather than physically!).

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pencil Vainier in Pennsylvania

PMD 1: Pennsylvania

The beginning of my last acronym; after months of virtual travelling and too many acronyms than I care to remember, here I was, crossing the border into my last one.

I made good progress in the morning, and found myself on Loyalsock Creek by lunchtime. It was nice and greenygrey there, so I felt at home, and enjoyed a nice little dip to refresh myself. My greenygrey coat was very appreciative.

While I was drying myself off a sock and a pencil approached me, and we entered into a nice conflab about this and that. We started talking about old wars, and how smartly dressed soldiers were often as patriotic as they were resplendent. I asked if it was similar for their kind. They agreed that socks are more loyal, while the pencil's vainier.

I thoroughly enjoyed our chat, and after saying chow I went to get some in the nearby town of Williamsport. I thought there might be lots of people called William playing games there, but I didn't see any. I didn't mind, even greenygreys get it wrong sometimes!

After that I headed west. My meeting with the pencil and the sock must have gone to my head, as I went out for a few beers with da boys in Du Boise, got oiled in Oil City, and had some mead in Meadville before sleeping it all off on the shores of Lake Erie. As usual at Lake Erie, I felt a bit eerie there, but this time it might have been because my head was spinning!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Con Etiquette in Connecticut

MR.C 3= Connecticut

Crossing into Connecticut I headed down to Lake Candlewood for a morning dip, and enjoyed it apart from the sticky goo floating on the surface; it got on my wick a bit.

I headed north-east after that, and called in at Waterbury for a bit of a rinse, before heading up to New Britain for tea and crumpets.

Energised from some good buttered crumpets and strong cream tea I headed up to Connecticut's biggest city, Hartford, in super fast time. I saw that the Hartford Wolf Pack was playing Worcester Sharks in an American Hockey League ice-hockey game that night, so bought a ticket and had some supper before going to the game.

As I arrived at the stadium a rough looking shark pushed into me before trying to sell me a dodgy looking ticket. I told it I already had a ticket and it should learn some con etiquette.

I really enjoyed the game, and especially as the Wolf Pack beat the Sharks in a close and good-natured game, although the Sharks did get a bit snappy at times.

It was night-time when the game finished, but I made my way over to the Connecticut River and swam south to the Long Island Sound. I surfaced in Old Lyme, where my greeny side felt very much at home. Even my grey side was quite limey by the time I entered open sea in the Sound. This came in handy when I ended up in Greenwich, and fitted in just perfectly. I slept well.